Queremos compartir las posibilidades de Wiseplay y por eso abrimos nuestro reproductor a todos los desarrolladores interesados en aprovechar las inmensas posibilidades que ofrece. Permitiendo a cualquier aplicación hacer uso de nuestro reproductor de forma externa.

La documentación está solo disponible en inglés por el momento.

Wiseplay SDK

An Android library to integrate Wiseplay's video player and caster in third-party apps (requires Wiseplay to be installed in the user's device).

How to use

Integrate the library in your project

You can easily integrate the library by adding the following dependency:

repositories {
maven { url 'https://maven.wiseplay.tv/artifactory/public' }

dependencies {
implementation 'com.wiseplay:android-sdk:1.2.0'

Launch the video player

The video player can be launched with just two lines of code:

Media media = new Media("http://......");
Wiseplay.launch(context, media);

Launch the video caster

To launch the video caster instead, just use the following call:

Wiseplay.launchCast(context, media);

Check if Wiseplay is available

The SDK provides a method to check if Wiseplay is available in the user's device:


This method returns true if Wiseplay is available, otherwise it will return false. If the latter, you can lead the user to install Wiseplay using the following method that will open the Play Store:


Check if the video caster is available

A method is also provided to check if the current installation of Wiseplay has support for the video caster:


Additional parameters

The library allows to set some additional parameters using the following methods that are available in the Media class. This overrides Wiseplay's user configuration:

media.addHeader(String name, String value);
To add a HTTP header that will be sent in the network request.
media.setHardwareAcceleration(boolean enable);
To enable or disable the hardware accelerated video playback.
media.setImage(String image);
To set the video image (only used in the caster).
media.setOpenSLES(boolean enable);
To enable or disable the hardware accelerated audio playback.
media.setReferer(String url);
To set a referrer URL that may be required for some video links.
media.setSubtitleUrl(String url);
To set the URL that points to the subtitle file to be loaded. It can point to a file stored in the device.
media.setTitle(String title);
To set the video title.
media.setVrFormat(VrFormat format);
To set the VR format of the video to be played.
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